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The new and improved Romance Your Brand Monthly Writer Newsletter!
Volume 01, Issue 01
August 2020

Welcome to my new Romance Your Brand newsletter! I've moved email service providers, separating this list from my Ainsley Booth email list (this is a long story, one probably best told over a drink at a conference bar*). If you are seeing this email for the first time in a while, at some point you signed up for author/writing related emails on my website at -- and if you want to unsubscribe, no worries! I've been very sporadic about sending these emails in the past, but I'm going to try to keep to a monthly-ish schedule going forward. This is the August newsletter, and look! It's going out on the first of the month! GO ME!

Over the last four years, my vision for Romance Your Brand has shifted a few times. It will shift again, I'm sure, but right now, I'm focused on making YouTube videos about writing and publishing craft.

* My most recent two videos are examples of those conversations I love to have off-the-cuff with people at
writing conferences. One is a couple of Facebook tips for authors, and the other is a breakfast debrief of All The Things I Want To Do Now.

But I know some people prefer an email digest format, so that's what this is: a summary of my best advice from the last month. Below is a post about making a social media swipe file (that I first posted on Instagram). In future issues, I'll share a Q&A from newsletter subscribers there, so please reply to this email with any questions you might have for me about publishing or writing.

Finally, I wanted to share something pretty cool I did last month: a full day masterclass RYB workshop at the Chicago Spring Fling conference. I was honoured to be asked to be a part of this virtual event, which featured a keynote address by Alyssa Cole that was FIRE. The whole conference is now available in recorded form for those who might want to register and work through the workshops at their own pace.

What's coming next month? A preview of ROMANCE YOUR PLAN, my second non-fiction book, and hopefully some Q&As from my fellow writers! Stay tuned. ~Zoe

Repeat after me:

Don't forget buy links

I shared this as an Instagram post last month.

Social media gets easier when you get in the habit of:
a. having a swipe file of graphics
b. re-using content in different ways.

For example:
1. Brainstorm a top five list of scenes from your books. (Top five kisses, top five opposites attract moments, top five fight scenes.)

2. Blog that list! Don’t forget buy links.

3. Use that list again to make a story for Instagram. I like the Unfold app or Canva to make the design part of the story dead simple. (For Instagram, buy links can go in a LinkTree on your profile.)

4. Use that story again for Facebook! You can post it on your profile one day, and your page the next.

5. Share the blog post on Twitter.

6. Set a calendar reminder to yourself to share it again in a month, highlighting a different part of the list.

7. Take the same content and make a Facebook post with it, because Facebook prefers content be kept in-app. Don't forget buy links.

"Five years from now, what do you want to have written? Start writing in that direction now."

- Zoe York, opinionated loudmouth

Romance Your Brand (Zoe York), 937 Quinton Road, London, ON N6H 3A8, Canada

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